Privacy Policy

  1. Registrar Company name: Bjarmia Oy Business ID: 0186342-2 Addres: Vienantie 1 Postal code: 93600 Town: KUUSAMO Phone: 040 7249577 Email:
  2. Register contact person Company name: Bjarmia Oy Name: Kaisa Valkama-Kettunen Address: Vienantie 1 Postal code: 93600 Town: KUUSAMO Phone: 040 7249577 Email:
  3. Register purpose
    Collected information is used for:
    Customer identification. Delivering orders and maintaining and developing customer relations.

  4. Purpose of collecting information. Customer information is collected and handled with customer permission, or to fullfill a contract with customer.

  5. Register information
    Customer name, company name, Business ID, email, phone number, address, order details, username and password.

  6. How long is information stored
    Information is stored as long as is necessary for fullfillment of contract or imporevement of customer service.

  7. Information source Information for register is collected from: Customer himself/herself. Registers maintained by authorities in the extent allowed by law (for example Information is also collected by Google Analytics.
  8. Information storage and transfers outside EU Information is not regularly sent outside of company. Part of third party providers may store information outside EU.
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  10. Register protection Information is sent through SSL-connection. Information is protected by firewall, user account and password. Information is used only by those persons working for registerkeeper who need information at their assignments.
  11. Decisions regarding the register are not automated.
  12. User rights Users have the right to get information stored of them in the register. Request should be sent signed to the person responsible for maintaining the register. You can make one free request per year. User has the right to demand deletion or correction of falce, or outdated information. User also has the right to limit or reject user information processing according to EU data protection section 18 and 21. User has the right to withdraw the right to process data and do a complaint to authorities. User has the right to forbid data usage to marketing.