The Treasures of the Bjarmians

The treasures of the Bjarmians

The ancient artisan and merchant people of the Bjarmaland traded with, and perhaps also fought a little against, the Vikings and other people close by the glorious Bjarmaland. However, the most expensive treasures of all were kept visibly safe and well hidden by the Bjarmians.
To honor the 45-year history of our pottery Bjarmia Oy, we have made a series of ceramics containing the most exclusive treasures of both ancient and present Bjarmians.
The series includes e.g. goblets designed the same way as the very first beverage containers for one person in the human history, which ancient Bjarmians also used in their festive meals. The series also includes bowls shaped alike the traditional storage bowls. In addition, we have selected our own favorite ceramic objects, “Vase wrinkled” from us, present Bjarmians, for the series.
The era and regions of the Bjarmians are also related to the jewel treasures found in Kuusamo.  This treasure included a pendant called “the Ax of Kuusamo”, according to the location where the jewelry were found. The pattering of the Treasure of the Bjarmian -series is inspired by that jewelry. It is very likely that other jewelry, tools and utensils of the Bjarmians have also been decorated with such a pattern.

The history of the Bjarmians is full of brilliant stories – that brilliance is also present in this, the Treasures of the Bjarmian -series.

The treasures of the Bjarmians -series are unique artworks. Glazing on the inside is one of our first glazes used by our pottery in the early 1970s. The outside has a hand-painted golden glaze, which gives this set its unique brilliance. The dishes are all unique pieces of art – but can also be washed in dishwasher if necessary. They are also oven proof but are not suitable for microwave oven. Like all ceramic pieces, these are also sensitive for rapid temperature changes which can lead to breakage.

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