The Blessed of Ölkky – Sauna Stone

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The Blessed of Ölkky  -Sauna stone

Dimensions about 9x7cm. (about 5cm thick/high)


The Sauna has always been a very important place for the Nordic people. It has even been considered as sanctuary. The hot steam of Sauna has believed to cure both body and soul.

In the rock walls of the beautiful canyon lake Julma Ölkky in Kuusamo, the ancient people have marked their sanctuary by rockpaintings. They show human characters as well as a saint bird – a swan. These symbols from the 4000 year old rock paintings are carved in this sauna stone. With this sauna stone, take a piece of Kuusamo with you and let the stone in the sauna stove whisper you a story from the thousends of years back!

Usage: Set the stone on a cold sauna stove and turn the stove on. When you go in the Sauna, you can throw water on the stone normally. The Bjarmia sauna -stone can take heat well but it can brake from rapid and extreme temperature changes so don’t set a cold stone on hot stove!

The Blessed of Ölkky  -Sauna stone. Dimensions about 9x7cm. (about 5cm thick/high). Stone shapes and “rock paintings” can vary. Among other things, the number of persons and swans. The stove stones are unique and each of them are little bit different.

The Blessed of Ölkky -Sauna Stone
The Blessed of Ölkky  -Sauna stone
The Blessed of Ölkky -Sauna stone


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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 cm