Birch vase, Small

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“Koivu” = Birch Vase
Beutiful and simple Birch vase suits avery home. Fill it with your favourite flowers or with natural flowers or with your favourite herbs! This vase is has many ways to be used. Every piece is unique.


Koivu, birch, is officially the national tree of
Finland. It has served as a source of inspiration
for many Finnish artists and designers. Here we
present the Birch series of Bjarmia Ceramics.
”The Birch” is made of black clay with character
and texture combined with charcoal and white
colored glazing. The vases are hand thrown and
hand painted in Kuusamo, Finland. “The Birch” vase resembles the strong and steady tree trunk of the real birch. All pieces are unique – just like the
birch in the forest.

All Birch-vases are unique – some are more white than others. Also the amount of “bumps” varies. Capacity approx. 4dl, heigh approx. 13cm mouth diameter approx. 7.5cm.